Transform education and enterprise
in six smart steps to change the way workforce think, learn, and perform
Smipio Transform - Step One (Organize) - Knowledge Management
Holistic knowledge management (Holistic KM) is a systematic approach to connect knowledge sources, link people, manage content from planning, creation to utilization and continuous validation. KM helps build enterprise memory and navigate to right knowledge without having to search and to address the following challenges affecting workforce performance and business profitability.
  • Employees spend 30% of time looking for information due to information overload and silos
  • Disorganized information, duplications, and absence of expert curation affect quality of learning
  • Overreliance on outdated technologies such as email blocks progress towards effective communication
  • To help the task force to implement and embrace KM solution, effectively structure the knowledge base to organize knowledge.
  • To help retain and reuse enterprise knowledge easily for building organizational memory and accessing the collective knowledge easily.
Consulting and workshop
  • Holistic knowledge management and its benefits
  • Organizational and personal knowledge management
  • People side of KM and knowledge sharing culture
  • Motivating people to share and work smarter
  • Setting up taxonomy for effective classification and navigation
  • Managing content lifecycle management
  • Content curation and classification
  • Institutionalizing knowledge in all business functions
  • Performance indicators
  • Monitoring and measuring KM
Workshop 2 days (Max 15 Participants)
Consulting 10 days (Minimum)
Product implementation
Knowledge management product powered by Smipio helps manage the entire lifecycle from planning, creationg to information access and audit trail. The system includes knowledge organizer, content repository, smart communication with audit trail, personalized knowledge navigation, learning planner, and scorecard.
Key benefits
  • Brings down search time and thereby improves the responsiveness dramatically
  • Improves workforce productivity and profitability by igniting everyone with the right knowledge
  • Drives smarter communication through knowledge base driven approach
  • Ensures that everyone get the knowledge on time
  • Empowers operations and PR team to facilitate effective internal communication
  • Makes individuals smarter, improves employability, boosts self-esteem, and accelerates learning
Key applications
  • Smart BPO/KPO
  • Project knowledge bank
  • Self-service support
  • Agriculture portal
  • Knowledge bank for all industries
  • Business function specific knowledge base
  • Learning content management
  • Scalable corporate communication
Build organizational memory to drive self-learning and insightful working