Transform education and enterprise
in six smart steps to change the way workforce think, learn, and perform
Smipio Enterprise Transformation

Smipio Enterprise Transformation is a complete end-to-end methodology to change the way workforce think, learn and perform towards increasing both employee and customer delight.

Key benefits
  • Connects workforce, partners, customers, and prospects
  • Empowers workforce to take control of their career and learning
  • Transforms HR to democratize talent management
  • Provides right ecosystem to democratize innovation
  • Makes managers smarter to easily manage team, talent, tasks, products, and projects
  • Enriches employee communication
  • Socialize business to harness the collective potential
Solution overview: The six smart steps to transform workplace
Deliver right knowledge at fingertips
Organize enterprise knowledge and help the workforce navigate to right knowledge without having to search.
Drive easy collaboration
Interact with experts, customers and partners to harness the collective intelligence and democratize idea management
Democratize innovation
Think in team to ignite ideas across the organization and constructively converge good ideas towards driving continuous improvement.
Develop right talent
Learn in line with personal career plan by empowering the workforce to take control of their career, talent development and learning.
Easily manage work
Perform the tasks, projects and support activities easily without pain by embracing systematic approach to align right talent and to easily manage teams, tasks and groups.
Monitor the progress
Measure the individual and team performance using scorecards and dashboards and take timely decision to address the gaps.
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