Transform education and enterprise
in six smart steps to change the way workforce think, learn, and perform
Smipio Transform - Step Six (Measure) - Change Management

The change management model is a psychological and systematic approach to take the workforce and enterprise to the desired state of performance. This change lifecycle management helps define the expectations, set key performance indicators(KPIs), and monitor the improvements at individual, team and organization level.

Ineffectively managed organizational changes brings organizational fatigue and confidence erosion. It pushes organization into the state of stagnation and rigidity. This step by step approach helps manage and maximize performance by addressing the following challenges:


  • Poor visibility into personal, organizational objectives
  • Low visibility into talent, learning, and activity blocks progress
  • Lack of clarity on progress affects the decision making ability at all levels


  • Motivate workforce to change by empowering them with effective change management process and providing them visibility
Consulting and workshop
  • Developing change agents
  • Realizing the current business performance
  • Setting right expectations for the business performance
  • Defining key performance indicators
  • Working with all stakeholders to gain support
  • Understanding and expanding the circle of influence
  • Identifying and transcending roadblocks
  • Listing the needs for scorecards and dashboards
  • Monitoring, measuring, reviewing and refining towards success
  • Motivating through right rewards and recognitions
Workshop 2 days (Max 15 Participants)
Consulting 10 days (Minimum)
Product implementation
The change management solution powered by Smipio is an integral part of the holistic workplace transformation solution. It includes options to define expectations, set key performance indicators (KPI), align the KPIs to performance reviews, and scorecards and dashboards to regularly monitor the progress and gaps.
Key benefits
  • Gives visibility into what is moving and what is not in line with the KPIs
  • Helps monitor the progress and identify the roadblocks
  • Brings the initiatives on track towards maximum Return-on-Investment (ROI)
Key applications
  • Employee performance development and review
  • Initiative management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Operational excellence
Drive change systematically and smartly