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HWT Consulting - Performance Discovery

Driving change start with making people perceive the pain and realize the urgency to improve. Performance Discovery is a health check to help assess workplace performance quotient (WPQ) based on business priorities and the way it functions.

Key challenges
  • Many a times the issues are not felt until they lead to an acute pain
  • Organizational need is not assessed in line with the increasing expectations
  • Lack of collective consciousness results in stagnation and rigidity
Business need
  • Perform health check on the organization, discover the performance gap and align right solution in line with the business needs.
  • Identify appropriate platforms and practices that will unlock the true potential of an organization.
Performance discovery consulting
Discover is an experience based observation and interviews that help identify the performance gap in:
  • Nurturing personal intelligence
  • Accessing organizational information
  • Internal and external communication
  • Harnessing collective intelligence
  • Collaboration culture and practices
  • System thinking in building teams
  • Management practice
  • Driving organizational learning
  • Managing the various business processes
  • Embracing best practices
  • Visibility into people, process, performance and productivity
Why performance discovery?
  • The outside expert with new perspective can help identify the challenges and needs.
  • We have the experience, thought leadership, and right methodology to identify the inefficiency patterns.
  • We do only holistic workplace transformation (HWT) that includes knowledge management (KM) and we do these in the best possible way.
  • We have more than one decade of experience in KM & HWT research, architecting, development and implementation.
  • Our past success and failure stories help us guide our customers in the right direction. Our clients appreciate our innovative and pragmatic approach.
How this study will be conducted?
  • Interviewing various business leaders to find out the details such as vision, goals, organization size & cost, productivity, profitability, expected growth in the next five years.
  • Discussing with people at various levels to find out what they do, how they do and what issues they face.
  • After understanding the basic needs and priorities, our experts will get into the details such as systems and/or best practices in place.
  • Requesting customers to submit the assessment questionnaires to assess their current environment and needs
  • Asking about the past experience on organization's knowledge sharing culture, openness to change and ability to manage collective knowledge
  • Briefly presenting our findings and discussing in detail
  • After the acceptance on our findings, we will submit a detailed report for discussion and action

Note: One senior level person needs to be assigned from the customers side to schedule the time with 15+ people and to coordinate the discussion.

What are the deliverables and the duration?
  • Findings on the performance gap
  • Suggestions for addressing the pain areas and the gap
  • Solution roadmap
  • Pricing for the implementation consulting and solution (if applicable)
What is the timeframe?
Activity Duration (Days)
Study, observation and presentation of the findings
Preparation of the report
Presentation of the report
Note: This is only a minimum duration. The duration can vary based on the organization size, locations, number of LOBs that should be covered in the study and so on.
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